Johnny Kaiju’s Leather Vest

Johnny Kaiju’s Leather Vest from the (Elite) Agent of Chaos deck. This build used Chaos and Blade weapons, incorporating abilities from Survivalism, Blades, Fists, Blood Magic and Chaos in the deck.


Angry Feet’s Rioting Sole Jacket

Angry Feet’s Rioting Sole Jacket from the (Elite) Desperado deck. This build used Pistols and Shotgun, incorporating abilities from Shotgun, Pistols, Survivalism, Blades, Hammers and Fists in the deck.

Raizo’s Pagan Gang Jacket

Raizo’s Pagan Gang Jacket reward from the (Elite) Gun Hexer deck. This build used Blood Magic & Assault Rifles, incorporating abilities from Pistols, Assault Rifles, Survivalism, Blades, Fist and Blood Magic in the deck.

Black Ion Chronograph Wristwatch

In-game Shop: Accessories -> Jewelry
Price: 120 FC single character  /  150 FC account wide, each watch.

Two versions of this watch are available in the Item Shop, a Black ion chronograph wristwatch, right and Black ion chronograph wristwatch, left.