Halloween 2012 Outfits

In-game Shop: Outfits – Seasonal, available during Halloween 2012.
Price: 1200 FC / 900 FC / 1600 FC
Parts: Single piece outfit or uniform and hat.

A separate Tiara, Crown, and Pirate hat for men or women are available from the Headwear vendors in London’s Ealdwic Station. The achievement / mission reward for Halloween 2012 was the Baron / Baroness Samedi outfit.

Note: These outfits have made a return to the store and can all be purchased again. See The Last Duchess, Lady of the Crimson Sea, Assassinatrix, ShinobiSea Smuggler and Regal Habit in the FC Item Shop outfits section.

Thank you Mockingbirds and Kaaz for the screenshot!