Route 666 Survivor Outfit

Route 666 Survivor Outfit (F) Route 666 Survivor Outfit (M)With Issue 6 we also get our final reward for completing the Situation Room ARG event from December 2012. The Route 666 Survivor Outfit comes in five parts:

  • Route 666 – Biker boots, grey
  • Route 666 – Biker helmet, red and blue
  • Route 666 – Biker pants, grey
  • Route 666 – Biker vest, grey
  • Route 666 – Studded fingerless gloves, grey

Off course, it is not the outfit shown in the e-mail notice, that is the Occult Oxford Daywear outfit. The other reward mentioned is the Ghosthack Talisman a piece of lvl 8 blue gear.