Let’s Sparkle!


Image from official announcement. © FunCom

The Golden Weekend and Gilded Rage Event is starting today!

For the two-week long Golden Rage event, a Golden Golem will be out terrorizing the world. The community is already forming up via the forums for a collaborative effort at the golem. Similar to the Anniversary event, the channel for this even will be GildedEvent.

The Golden Weekend runs till Sep. 8th and offers AP bonuses, a membership month for recruiting someone this weekend and a 30% bonus on Funcom points.

There is a Style & Gilt tux, like the one in the pic above, on-sale for male and female characters during the weekend.

Golem Boss

Fight FAQ:

An awesome FAQ has been assembled on the forums: Gilded Rage Event FAQ. It provides links to a French and German version too.

GildedEvent chat channel:

To join the channel type:

  • /chat join GildedEvent (English game client),
  • /chat beitreten GildedEvent (German game client)
  • /discussion rejoindre GildedEvent (French game client)

Channel Rules:
Same as the last event, the channel administrators have set up some rules to help people know when a boss has spawned.

  • Please keep channel clear for call outs.
  • Refrain from chatting and linking your loot.
  • Do not invite spotters to group. Instead, right-click their name, select “Make Friend” then from your friends window (Shift-F) right click their  name and select “Meet Up.”




  • Golden flare guns (oh yay!)
  • Shem of the Lunar Metal (Anniversary event pet previously available in Fusang.)
  • Golden Shem pet part (head, body, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg)
  • Signet bag, blue or green
  • Black Bullion