Christmas Event 2013

The holidays in The Secret World start today with two events, A Mother of a Season and a tweaked version of the 2012 End of Days, this time called Ever-Ending Days. The holiday events will run until January 2nd.

Join the #event channel (/chat join Event) to co-ordinate and find groups for both the Krampus  and Mayan events. A Krampus event FAQ is up on the forums.

A Mother of a Season

Find a wandering Krampus and get it to half health, it will then spawn a portal to Niflheim.

Achievement clothing:



*The crowns are a set of horns, same as the ones on the mob the crown is named for.
Note: There is also a Striped Knee High Socks, black but they are black striped on black and hence look…black.

Mayan remains
Ever-Ending Days

Starts with pile of remains at the London Agartha entrance.

Achievement & Mission clothing:

Dungeon Drop:

Wandering Vestiges:

  • Savage Coast drops an ak’ab (Enruned Mayan Hatchling)
  • Scorched Desert drops golem (Harbinger of Rancid Vapours)
  • Shadowy Forest drops a bird (Enruned Quetzal Bird)