The Whispering Tide – Phase 3

The Whispering Tide - Phase 3 Portal
The Whispering Tide – Phase 3 Portal

Whispering Tide, Phase 3 is currently running with the “Flappy” raid, the portal for it is open for 30 min every 3h. The re-play of Phases 1 and 2 of the Whispering Tide has now closed. (See: Game Director’s letter.)

There are two channels you can use to coordinate for the event, #whisperingtide (/chat join whisperingtide) and the #event channel (/chat join event). Follow one, or both, be nice and have fun!

Writhing Bladder Sac:

Custodian of Whatnots vendor clothing:

Sets you can assemble from the individual pieces:


  • Sentinel of Agartha achievement reward Carapace of the Immaculate Machine – Helmet.
  • Blasting the Zero Point Bird achievement rewards a bear called Inky.

Note: Social clothing from this event is posted under the Special Event Vendors –> NPC vendors category, all tagged with Whispering Tide. Previous vendor was the Custodian of Baubles, now replaced with Custodian of Whatnots in the same location.

Thank you Chosen-Blood, MadLyric, Rovena and T-Drake for the screenshot!