The Black Watchmen ARG

The Black WatchmenUPDATE June 7, 2014: Unfortunately the ARG did not reach it’s goal, the Pledge page displays a “Mission Fail” button with the note:

To all agents,

We managed an incredible mobilization here, we’ve raised $ 54,362 with a common goal: to create the first ever Persistant ARG. Hopes where high when a couple of players, through word of mouth, helped us to get nearer our goal from 35% to 39% in ONLY one night. We had the chance to meet people as dedicated as we were to the project and we wish to give a big thank you to everyone who stood by our side until the end.

We also wish to give a special thanks to Robert Bannon and the Paradigm Symposium; who pledged $5,000 for a real life mission and to also offer a booth so we could recruit player at the next convention.

Unfortunately, rules are rules, and we will start the refund of all pledges. In the next 7 to 10 days, you should expect a full refund if you were with Crowdtilt, and a small fee (2.5%) deducted from your refund if you pledged via PayPal.

As a thank you for those that showed their support, they do have a limited number of hoodies and robe codes. See: Rewards & Thank you thread posted by Anashel on

Off course, keep your eyes open for new ARG happenings in the future.

The persistent Black Watchmen ARG from Human Equation will bring back some of the clothing from previous ARG events as well as a couple of new uniforms.

ARG In-Game Clothing:

Clothing availability opens up via various subscriptions and stretch pledges. After you purchase your subscription and/or pledges, you will be able to claim one clothing item from all of the outfits available to you.

Note: Above images show the original hoodies and early concept art versions of Soldier and Cyber Mage outfits. Will post in-game screenshots of the recoloured Black Watchmen hoodie and new uniforms when/if they become available. As a final note, the Route 666 outfit will not be brought back with this ARG.

ARG Real Life Clothing:

Being an alternative reality game it also offers real life versions of some of the clothing, I have a feeling these are not gender locked.

  • Real-life Black Watchman Hoodie ($95 stretch pledge)
  • Real-life Cyber Mage dress ($550 stretch pledge)

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