Golden Weekend, Oct 9 – 12

Golem - Oct 2014 From October 9th to 12th the Golden Golems are out and about again. There are no new dropped clothing items or pets, but there is a new Extra Heavy Metal outfit in the items store, works the same as the Style & Gilt tux where it’s on-sale for 90% off. See the Golden Weekend and Gilded Rage! news announcement on the Funcom site for full details.

The chat channel for co-coordinating boss spotting and fights is #Event (/chat join event). Take a look at the FAQ on the forums for tactics and locations: Gilded Rage Event FAQ. The boss is now marked on the map with a large, golden skull.

Golem Boss

Mission reward bag:

  • Clothing items:
  • Other possible rewards:
    • Shem of the Lunar Metal (silver pet)
    • Golden flare guns
    • Golden Shem pet part (head, body, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg)
    • Green/Blue/Purple signet bags
    • 1-2 Black Bullion
    • Supernatural Diode
    • Third Core Capacitor
    • Astral Fuse
    • Criterions
    • AEGIS items (Kaidan (KD) only)



  • Style & Gilt (male / female)
  • Extra Heavy Metal (male / female)