Christmas Event 2014


The 2014 Winter holidays are here with many new and old goodies. This year the event, The Manna of Saint Nicholas, starts with a Christmas conspiracy mission at the Albion Theatre.

Check out the official forums for a constantly updating list of item rewards updates as people find them. For the Hel and the End of Days event and rewards, see the 2013 post.

2014 Rewards

Clothing ( 7 parts – Hat, Neck, Coat, Chest, Legs, Gloves & Feet)
  • Long woollen scarf, green with red
  • Reindeer antler headband, various colors – (6)
  • Festive Scary Snowman mask
  • Scary Snowman mask
  • Mistletoe Earrings
  • Mistletoe Hairpin
  • Mistletoe Brooch
  • Holly Earrings
  • Holly Hairpin
  • Holly Brooch
  • Carrot nose
  • Snowy Quetzal pet
  • Winter Wisp pet
  • Red Cardinal pet
  • Yuletide Wolf pet
  • Revenant Polar Bear pet
  • Snow Man
  • The Raggedy Tree
  • Little Christmas Tree
  • Holiday Poppers (flare)


  • Go Wassailing!
    Requires player to use the Bag of Wassail on at least 10 players simultaneously. Rewards emote: Single Ladies

Item Store:

Clothing Items:
  • Rucksack of Saturnalian Delights – 1200 FC, gives item to 10 people.
  • Bag of Wassail – 240 FC, rewards one item to the player.
  • Figuros Padurii