Reindeer Antler Headband

Reindeer antler headband, purpleReindeer antler headband comes in six colours and is available from the mission reward bags or the item shop bags.

Note: Supposedly available in six colours but so far only white, pink, red, purple and green has been found. According to FunCom customer support, the number of colours is correct even though no one has found the sixth headband.



4 thoughts on “Reindeer Antler Headband

  1. It says there are 6 colors, but I’ve only found 5 (green, pink, purple, red, white) and nobody I’ve talked to has any other color. Moreover, the auction house only has those 5 colors. I think FC forgot to include a 6th color or the 6 is a typo and should be 5.

    • FC commented that there are six colours. Wondered if there is a black antler set since adding black as a rare drop seems to be an FC trend but rumour has it that it’s brown. :)

      • Rumors are nothing more than rumors. FC can say a lot of things as well, but since there is no proof of a 6th antler in-game (nobody has one) then I am still inclined to believe it’s a bug.

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