Valentines Day 2015

FC Announcement ImageValentines day has arrived in The Secret World and will run until February 25th. The Valentines 2014 item shop gifts are available again and new items are can be found in the satchel and bag.

Gift Bags

  • Bag of Saint Valentinus
    Available from the item shop for 1200 FC, will spawn an item for the 20 nearest people, with preference given to team and raid group members. Used for “The Gift of Cupid” achievement which rewards the emote: Anaconda.
  • Satchel of Amorous Delights
    Available for 240 FC in the item shop or from the Merchant of Eros in each hub city. Merchant purchase limited to 2 bags/day, costing 300,000 PAX, 10 Black Bullion or 15 Black Marks of Venice per bag. Vendor can be found on the stage in London’s Ealdwic park, in the New York park and near the police station in Seoul.

Reward Items:

  • Eldritch Valentine pet
  • Kissing With Teeth – Chest
  • Kissing With Teeth – Legs
  • Kissing With Teeth – Lapel coat / lace gloves. When used it adds:
    • Kissing With Teeth – Spiny lapel coat (male)
    • Kissing With Teeth – Lace gloves, white (female)
  • Kissing With Teeth – Hat, faction
  • Kissing With Teeth – Hat
  • Knee-high heart socks (5 colours)
    • Knee-high heart socks, black and white
    • Knee-high heart socks, red
    • Knee-high heart socks, white and black
    • Knee-high heart socks, white and pink
    • Knee-high heart socks, white and purple
  • Laurel wreath, gold

FC Shop Items:

 Note: Last years Heart Pendant, silver does not appear to be claimable this year.