About the Blog

Hello & Welcome!

This is Sephora’s Closet II, a blog dedicated to the clothes in The Secret World mmorpg.

The goal is to maintain a visual collection of the vendor, special event, reward and Funcom shop outfits available in-game. Since many of the outfits are rewards, it’s also a showcase for the various achievements other players complete.

This project started when I played open beta and the clothing was split between multiple cities. I decided to start cataloguing what was available where so it would be easier to plan out a character’s look.

I also maintain Sephora’s Closet I for the clothing in Anarchy Online.

Helping Out

The site is currently on hold and will not be updated.

Thank you to all who have submitted screenshots over the years.

About the Character

Sephora “SepTemplar” Jones is a Templar on the Arcadia RP server.