Illuminati Jewellery

There are four pieces for the August item-of-the-month, all items look the same on both male and female characters.

  • Illuminati Talisman necklace
  • Electronic ear cuffs, illuminati with earring in both ears
  • Electronic ear cuff left, illuminati
  • Electronic ear cuff right, illuminati


Thank you Spiderbaby for the screenshots!


The Wassailer (Blue)

The Wassailer male blueThe Wassailer – faction colored pieces are available from the mission reward bag or the item shop bags. Individual pieces are trade-able and will show up as the faction colour when placed in the players Dressing Room.

Women’s Pieces:
  • The Wassailer – Lace-trimmed velvet jacket, blue
  • The Wassailer – Corset bodice top with lace trim, blue
  • The Wassailer – Ruffled skirt with stockings, blue
  • The Wassailer – Velvet mini top hat, blue
  • The Wassailer – Lace cameo choker, blue
  • The Wassailer – Long lace gloves, blue
  • The Wassailer – Buckled lace up knee-high boots, blue
Men’s Pieces:
  • The Wassailer – Brocade ulster coat, blue
  • The Wassailer – Brocade waistcoat, blue
  • The Wassailer – High-waisted trousers, blue
  • The Wassailer – Velvet top hat, blue
  • The Wassailer – Neckerchief, blue
  • The Wassailer – Fine leather gloves, blue
  • The Wassailer – Buckled leather shoes, blue

Note: Still need a model for the Illuminati blue women’s clothing. For a reference of the cut, see the Templar red post. In the men’s version, the neck piece clips through the chest piece, which already has a neckerchief in the model.

Illuminati Logo T-shirt

T-shirt was available as an in-game bonus when purchasing real-world items from the WeLoveFine site. See the FunCom news announcement for more details.

Note: The code allows you to claim a t-shirt for only one faction. For the women’s style, see the cut of the Templar t-shirt.

Thank you IwoJima for the screenshots!

Baron & Baroness Samedi – Blue

Baron Samedi set blue (Illuminati)Baroness Samedi set blue (Illuminati)A recoloured version of the Baron Samedi outfit. Pieces are available as a random item from the Halloween 2014 mission reward/item shop bags.

Items are not bound until used so they might be on the auction house after Halloween. Can be found on the auction house as “Samedi Shoes, faction colored” etc. When placed in the dressing room, the names will change to Baron for males, Baroness for females and blue for Illuminati faction.

House-in-Exile (Illuminati) Outfit

House-in-Exile full outfitOutfit available from the House-in-Exile Dealer.

Outfit parts and price:

  • Jingana hat, blue – 40 Sequin of Sunrise & 25,000 PAX
  • Kimono, blue with grey – 45 Sequin of Sunrise & 27,000 PAX
  • Hakama, blue – 35 Sequin of Sunrise & 22,000 PAX
  • Geta, yellow – 30 Sequin of Sunrise & 20,000 PAX

Thank you Feleth for the screenshots!

Illuminati Chrome Lense Ski Goggles

February Item-of-the-Month Illuminati chrome lens ski goggles, also available in Neutral, Dragon and Templar design.

Illuminati Uniform

Gallery includes all five male and one female character to show the slight colour difference between the two. Uniforms are rewarded at the following faction ranks:

  • Junior Agent uniform & Illuminati Agent Mask, Rank 3 after completing the Into Darkness mission.
  • Senior Agent, Faction Rank 7 after completion of the To Catch a Thief mission.
  • Illuminated, Faction Rank 9
  • Head Agent, Faction Rank 11 after completing the London Underground mission.
  • Chief Agent, Faction Rank 12

Thank you Krohm for the male model screenshots.

Note: Faction Uniforms and other previously “Multislot” outfits have been changed to a new “Uniform” category and are now usable with a face or head item.