The Black Watchmen Long Coat

TBW Long Coat

The The Black Watchmen Long Coat, black will be sent to those who supported The Black Watchmen ARG Kickstarter campaign. The coat is available for male and female characters.

Thank you Anashel for the screenshots!

Route 666 Survivor Outfit

Route 666 Survivor Outfit (F) Route 666 Survivor Outfit (M)With Issue 6 we also get our final reward for completing the Situation Room ARG event from December 2012. The Route 666 Survivor Outfit comes in five parts:

  • Route 666 – Biker boots, grey
  • Route 666 – Biker helmet, red and blue
  • Route 666 – Biker pants, grey
  • Route 666 – Biker vest, grey
  • Route 666 – Studded fingerless gloves, grey

Off course, it is not the outfit shown in the e-mail notice, that is the Occult Oxford Daywear outfit. The other reward mentioned is the Ghosthack Talisman a piece of lvl 8 blue gear.

Dawn of a New Age Robe

Dawn of a New Age robe (F)Dawn of a New Age robe (M)Reward for completing Mission 1 from the End of Days ARG event.

The robes are labeled Monk Outfit on the ARG site but can be claimed in-game as the Dawn of a New Age Robe. It is a one-piece uniform.

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