Baron (Baroness) Samedi

Baroness Samedi outfitSamedi detailsBaron SamediBaron / baroness Samedi Top HatA multi-part reward for The Cat God mission during the Halloween event. Completing the mission chain rewards:

  • Baron/Baroness Samedi coat
  • Baron/Baroness Samedi vest
  • Baron/Baroness Samedi shoes
  • Baron/Baroness Samedi pants

Participating in the event rewarded the top hat at a latter date.

Note: The cat bone necklace is part of the coat (back slot) and the vest and shirt are one piece (chest slot).

Thank you Martlet and Baleen for the screenshots!

Orochi Uniform

Orochi Uniform (F)Orochi Uniform (M)Outfit rewarded by The Eight-Headed Serpent achievement after completing all Orochi mission. It comes in three parts: slacks, jacket, and shoes.

Thank you to Kunoako and Makidai for submitting the screenshots.