Female Character Creation Clothing

Pangaea LondonAll clothing available in character creation can also be bought at Pangaea in London. The store is accessible by all factions.

Most clothing items (other than the eye-wear) have more colours and patterns available in-store which are not shown at character creation.

Face Slot

Square Frames – Women’s Business Attire, 4,000 Pax.
Square frames, black Square frames, green Square frames, yellow
Square frames, white Square frames, gold Square frames, brown

Plain Rimmed Glasses – Women’s Business Attire, 4,000 Pax.

Chest Slot

Wide Neck T-Shirt – Women’s Casual Apparel, 3,000 Pax
ccf-wiide-neck-t-shirt-yellow ccf-wiide-neck-t-shirt-red ccf-wiide-neck-t-shirt-light-blue

T-shirt Long Sleeve Combo – Women’s Casual Apparel, 4,000 Pax
ccf-t-shirt-long-sleeve-combo-white ccf-t-shirt-long-sleeve-combo-blue ccf-t-shirt-long-sleeve-combo-black

Sports Bra – Women’s Casual Apparel, 4,000 Pax
ccf-sports-bra-pink ccf-sports-bra-blue ccf-sports-bra-black

Slash Collar Stripped Shirt – Women’s Vintage Clothing, 4,000 Pax
ccf-slash-collar-striped-shirt-red ccf-slash-collar-striped-shirt-blue ccf-slash-collar-striped-shirt-black

Shoulderless Shirt – Women’s Couture,  15,000 Pax
ccf-shoulderless-shirt-yellow ccf-shoulderless-shirt-red ccf-shoulderless-shirt-green

Short Sleeve Blouse – Women’s Business Attire, 4,000 Pax
ccf-short-sleeve-blouse-green ccf-short-sleeve-blouse-blue ccf-short-sleeve-blouse-black

Plain Buttoned Blouse – Women’s Business Attire, 4,000 Pax
ccf-plain-buttoned-blouse-white ccf-plain-buttoned-blouse-blue ccf-plain-buttoned-blouse-black

Fitted Tank Top – Women’s Casual Apparel, 3,000
ccf-fitted-tank-top-dark-green ccf-fitted-tank-top-dark-blue ccf-fitted-tank-top-black

Camisole Shirt – Women’s Casual Apparel, 4,000 Pax
ccf-camisole-shirt-white ccf-camisole-shirt-pink ccf-camisole-shirt-black

Bikini Top – Women’s Couture, 4,500 Pax
ccf-bikini-top-red ccf-bikini-top-blue ccf-bikini-top-black


Striped Hoodie Jacket – Women’s Casual Apparel, 4,000 Pax

ccf-striped-hoodie-jacket-pink ccf-striped-hoodie-jacket-yellow ccf-striped-hoodie-jacket-white ccf-striped-hoodie-jacket-red ccf-striped-hoodie-jacket-purple

Striped Hoodie Jacket – Women’s Couture, 4,000 Pax


Open Suit Jacket – Women’s Business Attire, 4,000 Pax

ccf-open-suit-jacket-grey ccf-open-suit-jacket-blue ccf-open-suit-jacket-black

Leather Mini Jacket – Women’s Couture, 4,ooo Pax

ccf-leather-mini-jacket-white ccf-leather-mini-jacket-blue ccf-leather-mini-jacket-black

Flame Design Hoodie – Women’s Couture, 4,000 Pax

ccf-flame-design-hoodie-red ccf-flame-design-hoodie-orange ccf-flame-design-hoodie-black


Cargo Pants – Women’s Streetwear, 4,000 Pax

ccf-cargo-pants-blue ccf-cargo-pants-black ccf-cargo-pants-brown

Flared Jeans – Women’s Casual Apparel, 3,000 Pax

ccf-boot-cut-jeans-dark-blue ccf-boot-cut-jeans-blue ccf-boot-cut-jeans-black

Wide-Leg Patterned Pants – Women’s Streetwear, 4,000 Pax

ccf-wide-leg-patterned-pants-red ccf-wide-leg-patterned-pants-grey ccf-wide-leg-patterned-pants-black

Tight Plaid Pants – Women’s Vintage Clothing & Women’s Streetwear, 4,000 Pax

ccf-tight-plaid-pants-red ccf-tight-plaid-pants-blue ccf-tight-plaid-pants-black

Skinny Fit Jeans – Women’s Casual Apparel, 3,000 Pax

ccf-skinny-fit-jeans-dark-blue ccf-skinny-fit-jeans-blue-grey ccf-skinny-fit-jeans-black

Plain Pants – Women’s Casual Apparel, 3,000 Pax

ccf-plain-pants-white ccf-plain-pants-blue ccf-plain-pants-black

Leather Pants – Women’s Vintage Clothing, 4,000 Pax

ccf-leather-pants-light-grey ccf-leather-pants-dark-red ccf-leather-pants-black

Hot Pants – Women’s Couture, 11,500 Pax

ccf-hot-pants-yellow ccf-hot-pants-red ccf-hot-pants-blue

Denim Capri Pants – Women’s Casual Apparel, 4,000 Pax

ccf-denim-capri-pants-light-blue ccf-denim-capri-pants-grey ccf-denim-capri-pants-blue


Running Shoes – Women’s Footwear, 4,000 Pax

ccf-running-shoes-white ccf-running-shoes-light-blue ccf-running-shoes-black

Retro-look Sneakers – Women’s Footwear, 4,000 Pax

ccf-retro-look-sneakers-white ccf-retro-look-sneakers-red ccf-retro-look-sneakers-black

Punk Platform Shoes – Women’s Couture, 4,000 Pax

ccf-punk-shoes-pink ccf-punk-shoes-green ccf-punk-shoes-blue

Loafers – Women’s Vintage Clothing, 3,000 Pax

ccf-loafers-light-grey ccf-loafers-brown ccf-loafers-black

Canvas Sneakers – Women’s Footwear, 4,000 pax

ccf-canvas-sneakers-red ccf-canvas-sneakers-light-blue ccf-canvas-sneakers-black

Canvas Sneakers High-Top – Women’s Footwear, 4,000 Pax

ccf-canvas-high-top-sneakers-red ccf-canvas-high-top-sneakers-grey ccf-canvas-high-top-sneakers-blue