Missing Clothing Items

Trying to make this site as complete as possible! There are always new achievements and items popping up, but the few missing items that I know off are listed bellow.

Take a look at the Submitting Screenshots page for tips and information.

Missing items:

  1. …will update soon!

Missing Men’s version:

  1. The Black Signal issue t-shirt
  2. Illuminati Tokyo factions outfit, the House-In-Exile.
  3. The Wassailer outfit, Templar red.

Missing Women’s version:

  1. Fear Nothing College Jacket (“Loosing Your Religion” Issues achievement.)
  2. Dragon logo t-shirt, black from WeLoveFine. (See news announcement.)
  3. Illuminati logo t-shirt, black from WeLoveFine. (See news announcement.)
  4. The Wassailer outfit, Illuminati blue
  5. The Wassailer outfit, Dragon green

In Progress:

For some of the items I have screenshots already and am working on getting them processed and posted. These include:

  1. Processing all Issue 10 Achievement items screenshots.

Miscellaneous items:

Some of the reward accessories are missing male/female versions. Since both options look pretty much the same I’m leaving the accessories as low priority for screenshots of both genders. Off course, if you have one of the items, feel free to send in a screenshot!

Anything else I may have overlooked? Feel free to comment below. :)


16 thoughts on “Missing Clothing Items

  1. What about the halloween store outfits? I only bought 2 out of 3 but the ones I have is The last Duchess and Assassinatrix. Don’t remember what the third was named. If you need pics just let me know. /Martlet

    • Third one was Lady of the Crimson Sea. I have the women’s outfits posted, but never got the men’s screen captured. Good point though, I’ll add the men’s to missing items. :)

  2. I’ve seen a Venetian Agenda Issue 8 black t-shirt ingame (like the reward tshirts from other previous), but it doesn’t seem to be in your missing List.

  3. Sep, just as a reminder, for cash store stuff you can go to your “studio” and preview them in your character. That way will be easier for you to have all cash store stuff pictured (both male and female).

    • Yup, that is what I do for all of the clothing from the Item Store. Missing items listed here are mostly from rewards, drops or third-party giveaways. Off course, the missing rings had no preview since it was not sold as a clothing item but a “gift box” that contained a clothing item. :)

  4. Not really a missing item, just a suggestion. What about an alternative view of the item list where one could see all the items for, in exemple, the coats slot indepently from where to get them from?

    • Thought about it, best I could do on here is put more tags for “men’s coats” and “women’s coats.” Though as I have little time to work on the site, it’s not likely to be done anytime soon. :)

  5. Hey I’ve found a new cloth vendor with new outfits at the Haitian Market: Maddog Mire

    They have a ton of new clothes! I also saw a guy in a checkered pullover but I didn’t find out where he get that!

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