Missing Weapons

Standard Format
Standard Format

Raid weapons are missing both a Standard format image for the weapon specific galleries and a Combat stance image for the raid post. Standard format is white clothing with the weapon holstered. Combat stance is with the weapon drawn, and wearing something of a related theme to the dungeon. (Eidelon does not have a reward outfit, we will see about Tokyo!)

If you would like to model, feel free to send a message to me in-game (characters Sep / Nekomata) or through the contact form. Or take a look at the Submitting Screenshots page for tips and information if you prefer to take them yourself.


Eidolon Lair Raid

  • Outer Gods’ Rain (Assault Rifle)

Tokyo…eventually, when it comes out.

  • (Blade)
  • (Hammer)
  • (Fist)
  • (AR)
  • (Pistol)
  • (Shotgun)
  • (Elemental)
  • (Chaos)
  • (Blood)



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