Resplendent Halo

Resplendent Halo“Resplendent Halo was awarded by GM-Tilty to those helping the Guardian of Gaia event be more accessible to others via the #Anniversity channel and promoting good community spirit.”

The channel organizers and spotters certainly deserve the reward. They made the event a much better experience for many.

Thank you Spiltmilk for the screenshot!


TSW 1st Anniversary


The Secret World is one year old with a celebration event taking place from July 3rd until the 8th extended until July 15th.

Everyone can claim an Anniversary Flare Gun. It’s a single use item you can purchase up to 5 times per character. The effect is a puff of smoke and it puts your character into an attack stance. (Picture above.) Subscribers and Grandmasters can also claim this 1st Anniversary t-shirt from the item shop.

Boss dropped social items include:

  • Eye patch, black – bosses in the Solomon Island zones.
  • Monocle, black frame – bosses in the Egyptian zones.
  • Glowing eyes, green – bosses in the Transylvania zones.

Note: Some great player made guides for the event can be found on the forums and this blog.