The Cat God

Weapons from The Cat God (Nightmare) seasonal dungeon, available to players only during Halloween, use the same skins as Quality 0 White weapons. Outfit shown is the Baron / Baroness Samedi set rewarded by completing The Cat God mission, plus top hat.

Purple, Quality 10

Quality 10 purple weapons have one skin each.

Availability:  Crafting or drops. Also available from the Minister of Ca’ d’Oro in the Sunken Library.

Blue, Quality 10

Quality 10 weapons have one skin only.

Availability: Crafted or drop. These share a skin with Quality 9 Purple weapons. Buying a blue toolkit on the auction house and crafting the weapon you want would be the easiest route for acquiring the skin.

Green, Quality 10

Quality 10 weapons have three potential skins. Which skin you get while crafting is random. You usually can’t tell by the item icon in the crafting panel which skin it will be.

Availability: Crafting and drops. Some skins are also available from Transylvania missions.